Opengl performance

Currently im forced to use -opengl4 because of the Driver issues with an r9 380 card.

And its working but it cuts the fps at least in half and i get a crash message everytime i start up even it starts fine.
the crash my come from closing the choose project window when starting up the project?

With dx 11 i cap out at 120 fps in the starter templates. But with opengl i get around 60.
Is this normal and will it be this bad on linux too?

So i tried Kubuntu 15.04 and binary amd drivers and compiled the latest source which was 4.10.0.
And i got around 25-30 fps ;( in the rolling ball demo level in editor and while playing in editor. This is with opengl 3.
Opengl4 hast shader errors and its mostly pink therefore unusable and has similar performance.
yeah thats a real bummer.
Would like to hear from other people but if nobody has a diffrent experience for now linux is really no where near as performant as windows and its not an option for people having an r9 380 at this point in time.

Im not a linux pro but i had also steam installed and played amnesia the dark descent with fps around 40 vs 60 on windows.

So after some reading and my experience i conclude that amd and opengl is in bad shape and for anyone interested in linux and ue4 and AMDis not the way to go right now.

It’s a while since I had an AMD card, but when I did, I had all kinds of problems with the Linux driver. The nVidia Linux drivers have been flawless.

What I concluded is that on Windows it probably doesn’t matter very much if you choose AMD or nVidia: just get the card that gives you the right performance and price point. On Linux, get nVidia or you will have a lot of hassle.

But as i wrote with opengl4 on win10 i have the fps cut in half.
Thats whats so shocking i expected that one to be much closer as there are games out there which are using opengl and draw more than an few bsp brushes with 60fps ;D