Open World Survival, Zombies or Not?

Hello All. When I initially started my self-training with blueprints I created a small Project called Frankiestein. It was intended to be a small Open World Zombie Survival, featuring Frankenstein-like Flesh Golem Monsters (that feed off electricity and have an insatiable desire to rip the living to pieces for spare body parts:)). As my skills improved with Blueprints, I lost interest and begin focusing on my dream game (keeping the concept of crafting Golems).

That was close to a year ago and I’ve been working towards my dream ever since. However, deep down inside, lurks the unsettled desire to develop Open World Zombie Survival. I like the premise behind this genre and I see a lot of other UE4 Devs around here do too. With all that said, I have to just say… NO to Zombies! Please no more Zombies. I’ll take Robots, Dragons, Cyborgs, Werewolves, Giant Spiders, Aliens, Mutants, Clowns, anything else but Zombies.