Open world important tips?

I am making a big map so I would like to know most important tips. I’ve trying to find information about this but internet is full of tutorials talking about adding unrelated characteristics like fighting >.<

So I would like to know thinks like:
-Disable “allow static lighting” to have just dynamic lighings
-In Navigation System activate “Generate Navigation Only Around Navigation Invokers” and add navigation invoker components to those around you want to calculate the nav.
-In Navigation mesh, “Rungime Generation” to Dynamc

Any other important tips?

Thank you.

Yes one more: if your team size is below 60 and you have less than 10 million budget to start with dont waste your time with anything related to open world :).

i can pitch in for the lighting and say its usually all dynamic and very few indoors static but even that is dynamic these days as the resources do no justify the extra effort put in large scale maps. In other words most low budget or medium budget open world games look mediocre already on all fronts so why bother wasting time on something that wont make a difference.
Thats an honest opinion and how most open world games during production do their math.


You don’t need a giant map to suffer the problems of an open world map. For example, if you create a small map with a lot of foliage, “building lights” will take forever to finish. Not all the open worlds are giants.