Open World Demo Landscape textures

So I been scooping around in the open world demo and looks good, but not sure how you would use this setup on landscapes. The show case uses a ground texture on a static mesh that doesn’t have collision…

So why there a such a big difference here.
how would you go about using multiple textures on a landscape? If I read correctly, you can only have 16 texture samples and just the rock one alone has 6.
More in depth guild would be nice on how to use these on a landscape unless the whole thing is to be a static mesh.

You will have to create a landscape material -> :slight_smile:
So basically you just have to copy the entire node structure of a material into your landscape material + there you will have to connect it with the landscape nodes, but it’s not recommended to use tessellation on landscapes (I think some of the materials in the demo use tessellation) -> doesnt look so good