Open map after amount of time

Hey, i know how to go thru a door using loading into new maps. but i want to be able to have a character in a room at the start, and have the door not loadable for around 30 seconds so the player hears my voice intro that explains what is going on in game. kind of like a timer on the loading door so i cant go thru until time is up.

so, disable collision to box and after intro enable?

would you possibly have a link to show steps? i am not really an expert on game making. thanks for you’re reply!

You could just create a blueprint for your door, in that blueprint create a bool variable called “CanOpenDoor” (for example, you can name it with whatever name you want…) then add a Collision Box to the blueprint and in “BeginOverlap” event of your Collision Box, after that you will need to add a branch and in the branch bool pin get your variable you created just a few moments ago, and then in the true Exec. Pin make a timeline to open/close your door. (For this you could search for door tutorial in youtube…) Then in a different blueprint where you will be managing thw conversation (the voice you told) you should whennit finish talking make a cast to your door Blueprint and set the variable to True…

Use the Level Blueprint for this.
In Tick, add Delta to a float. when this float reaches 30, let your door be openable.
You probably want your door to have a boolean for this.

i will try this. sounds like exactly what i’m looking for. very much appreciated!!!