Open/Load new level player character issue


I have three maps. First is 0 level map, with main character (custom third person), second is the main loading map with AI (a main character companion), and third is newly created map (like in this tutorial…&index=68&t=1s ). When I play the third level the camera just hangs in there in the sky and level is not playable at all, no controllers work. When I load the level from my main or zero level via a trigger the same thing happens - nothing. The level loads but the player doesnt work. Can you help me out/ point me in the right direction. Many thanks.

Here is the level in editor with player start, and how it loads frozen

This is Something which I was facing issues with. But After the complete reading of the guide which you provided. I was happy by solving the error. Now I can happily do my work. Thanks for the great info. Even I have started a project Run 3 on this.

Alright, I have found the issue myself, I tried the game world settings and set up my own character and now everything works just fine, the level loads at the set up point, and I can run around with my character.