Open Level Stops Load Stream From Working.

Hi, i recently implemented a simple main menu in which you can start the game. The main menu is placed on it’s own map and the rest of the game is on another map which has multiple levels that loads and unloads with different trigger volumes and blueprint.

I’m currently using the “Open Level” node in blueprint to open the map which has all the levels but when doing so the level streaming stops working, i can play the map with all the levels in just fine on it’s own, but if i start from the main menu the levels won’t load with the load stream level. I put a print behind the first level load and it prints just fine but nothing loads. I can also put the levels so that they are always loaded and then they load in just fine.

I have all the load stream level in the persistent level’s blueprint.

Has anyone had a similar problem or does anyone have any suggestions why my levels aren’t loading?

I just tested loading the map with all the levels in from that same level instead of the menu map to see if it was just using Open Level on the map or if it is the transition from the menu map into the map with the levels. From what i can see after loading the map from the same map, the level streaming seems to work just fine. So it seems that the problem is coming when you start the game from the main menu and loading the other map.

I have done some more testing around but i cant seem to find what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.

Any progress I have the same problem

This seems like the same problem reported here

Could you check if running preview in Standalone mode fixes it?

Yes it works great, just loads very slowly . All I can say to anyone who has this problem is to give it some time .