Open level gets current level frozen

Hi all,
I wish to activate a throbber when someone clicks the start button on my game (so when loading a level). I use the open level function to open a level (quite obviously). My problem is, that no matter if the open level command is the last and the visibility of the throbber is turned on beforehand, it does not show up. When I leave the throbber visible all the way along, it stops movement as soon as level loading starts. The level loads just fine, but without the throbber the players will think the game froze.
How to get this to work? I mean, the throbber is in motion while the loading happens?

You need to make a new empty map, then while you have the empty map open, go to “Window” -> “Levels”. Click the Levels button on the top left corner and click “Add Existing” and find your map. Add it. Then open the level blueprint, and on Begin Play, create your Loading screen, and then use the “Load Stream Level” to load your map. If you can’t figure it out, search for “Load Stream Level” and see how it works.