Open Level for mobile (trickier than I thought?)

I’m trying to create a game that uses multiple levels. The first thing I did was have a button that when I click it, I should go to the next level. I used the “Open Level” command in the Level Blueprint, and typed the name of the level (without the “.umap”). It works in the emulator. When I package it and send it to my Kindle Fire HDX, instead of going to the next level, the first level starts over.

So, I tried fiddling with the Swing Ninja file.

I created a new map and saved it as “Generic_Map” within the Swing Ninja project folder (same folder as P_City1 and P_City2). I changed the P_Starting level blueprint so that when you click on the level 2 button, the “Open Level” command in the Blueprint would instead open my new “Generic_Map” level.

It worked in the emulator.

I packaged and sent to my Kindle Fire HDX, and again, when I clicked the button to open my new generic map, it restarts the intro map. When I clicked on the button that would open a new level that came with Swing Ninja, it would properly open that new level.

So, there must be something that needs to happen in addition to using the “Open Level” command in Blueprint…what is it? Anyone know?