Open Level Blue Print error. (HELP)

Hi guys been working on my VR project for the past few months and I have been trying to place all my prototype levels together. But I have come across an issue.
I did the sensible thing and made a fresh project to trouble shoot this. I hope someone can help me!

Two levels.


Test2 has a box trigger which in the level blue print activates. (OnActorBeginOverlap(TriggerBox) it is then linked to (Open Level)

Now I have placed the level name Test1 in the (Open Level) function.
When I test it in the view port via the ‘play’ button it works fine no issues. But when I launch the project I get this error.

This is really important that I get this resolved and I have searched and searched for hours for solutions but haven’t found any. I am using UE4 4.5.1.


Hi ,

Please post this to the answerhub so we can better assist you. This can be found at