Open Files/Applications on MacOS

Does anyone know how to open external files and/or applications in UE4 when it is running on MacOS?

I’ve tried FPlatformProcess::CreateProc, but I can’t seem to get it figured out on MacOS.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey there,

I know this post is a few years old now, but I’ve recently been looking at doing the same thing and this is the only thread on the subject. I managed to make it work using UE 4.21 on MacOS 10.14 with the following code:

FPlatformProcess::CreateProc(TEXT(“NameOfApplication”), nullptr, true, false, false, nullptr, 0, nullptr, nullptr);

You might want to change the booleans depending on how you want it to behave (see docs page here). However, make sure you use FPlatformProcess::CreateProc() and not FGenericPlatformProcess::CreateProc() as the latter spits out an error saying the feature hasn’t been implemented for this platform.