Opaque shadows through a smashed window?

Just wondering if this is possible, ie in my test factory file i have several smashed windows in the roof but their shadows aren’t displaying correctly on the floor.

I have the window material set as Translucent, Double Sided, Surface Translucency Volume, with a Opacity texture connected to the Opacity socket of the material.

I have a directional light (stationary) for the outside lighting, but from this documentation ( Using Colored Translucent Shadows | Unreal Engine Documentation ) it’s saying it only works with static lights so does that mean i need another light outside?

Thanks in advance.

Well I set the directional light to static, but because the roof is so high it seems the shadow on the floor are really pixelated (even though I have adjusted the floor’s “Overridden Light Map Res” value to 2048), see arrow 1,

so i brought 2 of the windows closer to the floor and they seemed better see arrow 2, I also gave another window (arrow 3) a “Masked” material but that just made the shadows too black. So I guess my question now is how can I get the windows in the roof to cast more crisper shadows like arrow 1? Do I really need to duplicate those windows and then hide them to fake the sharper shadows?