OOP-Design question

Hi, I have several levels, each has different parameters (duration, etc.). Now what is the best place to implement these parameters?
Do I have to make a gamemode blueprint instance, or is there another possibility to implement level specific parameters?

Id suggest you clarify what you are asking and make sure you do it in the correct forum. It sounds like you are looking for input on Blueprints. This is the C++ forum.

If you are looking instead for a C++ solution, I point you toward this recent post…

If its a C++ related question I think using the GameplayTag system would be a good candidate to start your investigation.

To specify:
I have a lot of levels. The basic gameplay is the same (and the gamamode). Now the only thing that differs are little parameters like the level duration.
Is it really necessary to subclass/blueprint new gamemodes for each level, or is there a better possibility to easily set it up. Maybe the class WorldSettings?