Only Deer's from Kite Demo

can someone make a Level only with some Deer’s inside from the Kite-Demo and a Player-Start and a Terrain and nothing else.
I mean if i go with the player near a dear then he would walk away. I don’t know how i can do this and perhaps someone have done this.
Kind regards,

Well as far as giving this level to you, I;m not sure whether or not we have the rights to share the deer, as you likely have to agree to the EULA when downloading the Kite Demo.

Hello Jamendxman3,
it’s only for fun. I will test this Deer inside my Level.
I hope you know how i can do this?
Kind regards,

Why dont you just download the kite demo + migrate the “deer system” into your project or do the thing that you want to do in the kite demo? :slight_smile: