OnlineSessionInterfaceNull Sessions.Num() always zero

I am currently trying to debug and implement player to player voice communication between two players on a dedicated server. I am only so versed in all of the C++ I am digging through so please tell me if I am totally barking up the wrong tree.
I believe I have tied in the proper commands for the playercontroller to call StartTalking and StopTalking, and as I step through the code I see alot of what I would expect. However, when in FOnlineVoiceImpl::Tick I am noticing that the code cannot step past the check for if the SessionInt->GetNumSessions() > 0, and stepping into that code always shows the number at 0.
Is this something funky because I am using a dedicated server? (I have noticed other quirks in networking that occur on dedicated, but not listen servers)
Is this where I should be looking to debug voice functionality? (voice packet processing appears to be done here)
Any information involving networking and voice would honestly be awesome.

Further information: It appears that RegisterLocalTalker and RegisterRemoteTalker are not being used here (breakpoints arent hit). I am using blueprints to host the server session and also to join the server, would this cause something in the subsystem to not generate a recognizable session?

A humble bump, I still cannot figure out how to get the game session available outside of on my local machine.

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What online subsystem are you using? (if any).
From the sound of your post you’re not actually using an Online subsystems (aka Steam/PSN/…) which are implementing the interface. Resulting in no session whatsoever

I am using OnlineSubsystemNull with OnlineSessionInterfaceNull. It forms a session when running the PIE dedicated server, but ran as a separate process it does not. In either case I am connecting to it using the console command 'open ’ and passing non session related data over the network (we have a chat box sending text messages globally, player movement, etc)

Sorry, I figured after two days the post was going to be lost to antiquity. I will keep it less frequent though. My intent would never be to hurt other people chances at getting answers.

As it turns out, connecting to my server via 'open ’ is not the proper way to join a session, and results in connected clients ignoring the session that does in fact exist on the server. In order to solve this I had to set up a session in c++ (I couldn’t find the one hosted through Blueprints) and used the find and join session blueprint nodes to connect to my server. The session is now accessable along with all of the functions I need. Huzzah!

Good news :slight_smile: Glad it’s fixed