Online Multiplayer Lobby Character Selection

Hello everybody,

I’m currently learning how to do multiplayer in Unreal, and it’s quite tough so far. I’m going to try explaining what I want to do as clearly as possible, bare with me.

I made a multiplayer lobby with the Advance Session plugin, everything is working well, I can create a session, clients can join through steam and all, wonderful.

ISSUE: My problem is with the character selection. I have 4 characters on screen selectable by clicking on a button in the UI. I can’t update the UI for the current player and all the clients in the lobby.

GOAL: When selecting a character I would like to disable the associated button so that all the other clients can’t select the same character.

I have been reading a ton of documentation, the Unreal Documentation, the Network Compendium, and watched a ton of tutorials on the subject, I know this would be trivial with more experience but I’m completely lost at the moment.

Thank you in advance for your help, and please let me know if you have some good resources you think would help me.

hi there
i know u said u watched too many tutorials, but my personal experience, i had so many problem with replication and after too many tutorials only these two helped me out the most
Network Compendium book

and for the answer for ur question, i have done the exact same thing couple of years ago
i don’t remember it exactly
but i put my character selection logic inside game state, and used player controller to interact with the character selection logic inside game state
and add widget bp inside player controller
i hope i make my point, and this can help