Online Documentation can be difficult to access.

Unfortunately when using the content examples, (Documentation Actor green/white rotating Question mark) and clicking on the OpenHelpDocumentation, it takes you to, for example, this page.

Where you get just the one page.
1.1 - Basic Decal

But with no easy way to access other entries, (esp when unaware where they are located)
1.2 - Decal Blend Modes
1.3 - Masked Decal

Going directly to the docs, and searching for the info, or indeed removing this part of the URL (?utm_source=editor&utm_medium=docs&utm_campaign=doc_actors)
Brings you to a much better Page

which was a revelation to me when first viewed - as the left menu actually opened to the relevant section, and I could find the info I needed without going back and forth to the engine.

I quickly got lost in the doc’s, without the breadcrumbs provided by the truncated URL, and missed a lot of info, that I’m now going back to.

Just a heads up if you were unaware of the way this seems to work.

Chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m (64-bit) in case thats relevent.

I’m sure this is not intended, as it makes it difficult at best to view and read the docs, esp for new users.

We definitely need to fix that. I’ll get someone on this ASAP.

Thanks for pointing this out!

More that welcome Jeff, just glad you understood my convoluted explanation, and that it was relevant. :cool: