Online cross platform SteamVR and Oculus

We’re currently working on an online multiplayer game that works on both Vive and Oculus. Obviously, we’re wanting to launch on both platforms.

Is it possible to have cross platform online subsystems? So we can connect users logging in from either platform?

The Oculus Store validator requires that the build you submit to them does not have the SteamVR online subsystem. Steam doesn’t care whether you have the Oculus subsystem active or not.

When it comes to connecting players from both hardware platforms, I’m not sure how you’d do that yet. I haven’t used the online subsystems yet. However, I would tentatively guess that if you have a platform agnostic server and match making system, it wouldn’t matter what hardware platform players are using.

Yeah we both hardware ( and non VR) connecting togeather with steam matchmaking. it’s was purely about the online subsytem was our problem.