Onion Skin for Retargeting

Allo’ Allo’ Allo’,
Here’s Kitatus, at it again with another crazy feature idea:

Picture this. You have two rigs you can want to prepare for the retargeting process. You setup the rigs, click retarget and oh no! The hands in rig #1 differed so much to #2 that the hands turned into a spaghetti mess when you retargeted an animation! Now you’ll have to go into your mesh and adjust the base pose so they match. To get these exact, it’s going to be extremely tedious as you line up each bone from memory to ensure the retargeting process goes smoothly (by having both meshes share the exact same base pose / bone transforms).

Possible fix: An onion skin view of one mesh super imposed over the other so you can compare both base poses as you adjust the bone transforms to get them dead on!

An example of what this could look like:


This means that you don’t need to have photographic memory or lots of patience!

It’ll speed up the workflow of anyone working on retargeting with different bone transforms and make everyone happy!

Let me know if I dun good or if the idea is stupid.

I should’ve added a poll to this to guage interest (d’oh!). As an alternative, if people could leave their thoughts on it - positive or negative - that’d be awesome and a nice way to see if it’s a feature others want or if I’m throwing useless ideas out there.