One player with two cameras for two monitors

Dear community,

i think this is my first posting here, please forgive my bad english.
I have googled and searched on answerhub but couldnt get an answer to my question.

I want to playout two cameras for one player and show them on two different screens.

Its a proof of concept for playing with the kinect in your livingroom, where some of the game is projected on your floor.
Using a multiplayermode does work but i would really like to know if could archive two windows for each monitor only with one player.

Please note that i am only able to program blueprints and compile code, but not able to write code.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I too need to output to two different screens using one player, where one of the monitors is information and the first is gameplay. Or “gameplay”, in my case.

Its still a unsolved question. I would be very interested on a solution for this aswell!

See Mike Fricker’s comments to the 1st answer here: