One-man company? For a 16 year old?

Hey guys, so I’m 16, and I’ve been making a pretty good mobile game for almost a year now, and everything is my original work, including Models, Music, Textures, even code (it’s the first game where I decided to stop watching tutorials), I’ve put literally days of my life into this and I’m almost ready to upload it to the Play Store.

My question is, Should I license and Copyright my music? And should I make a Gaming Studio Company or something (this means I would have to license and copyright my logo, make a website and etc.)? Do remember I’m 16 so it might be an inconvenience.

Also, a Google Play Store Developer license is sold at a one time fee of $25 and a Microsoft Windows Developer license is sold at a one time fee of $19 for individual devs and $99 for companies.

So if I make a company it could cost me more to distribute, so there’s that.

I’m just afraid to lose the music to be honest.

Short answer - yes. IP is not something you should consider for protection, but a must (open source aside). You can always assign any IP under your self instead of commercial entity then license to your business unit (aka entrustment, makes no difference in general).

Re commercial entity, yes license sometimes can vary, but do remember if you operate as an indie studio, you may eligible for any potential tax reclaim (check with your local solicitor) on both revenue and procurement. With all these benefits added on, the difference in license fee can be seen penny talks.

I think you should try it, if not successful also will draw experience [HR][/HR]Bồn tắm gỗ, chậu gỗ ngâm chân, biển chức danh, biển tên nhân viên

I think yes, you need to start. Our days, 16 years man - is a strong person, who able to turn over the world. Moreover, I think this is the one right way to be famous and rich:) Eg. this website’s owner is 18 years old guy. Or Zuckerberg, or…just do what you want, all will be fine!

You already own copyright over things you create, but if you have a name for something (like your company or your game title) then it’s useful to trademark that. Most likely though it’s something you wouldn’t have to concern yourself with, especially since you don’t really have the money to do much of that legal stuff anyway.

Setting up a Corp is best. But there are also setup costs: Law-firms / Accountants…
The Play-Store is pretty heavily saturated too… But you probably know that already.
After Google’s 30% take… ‘Not a lot’ will seem even less after costs are factored in.

In mobile…

Earning ‘coin’ is as much about ‘gamification of the system’, as it is about the game. :stuck_out_tongue:
So gotta ask, any plans to do some ‘promotional’ work before Uploading the game?
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