"onContentBeginOverlapping" when meshes are already overlapping when the game begins?

I have built a trigger that recognize when another mesh overlaps it’s working very well.
The only problem is that if the game starts and there is already a mesh completely inside or overlapping the trigger then it will not fire that something is overlapping it. Is there an easy fix ?
thank you for your time !

sorry it should read “onComponentBeginOverlapping” in the title

You can use “GetOvelappingComponents” or “GetOvelappingActors” in BeginPlay event

Sorry, i’m quite new to blueprints and I don’t understand how to connect what you wrote to the “onComponentBeginOverlap” nodes that i have (which are vary basic)

Here is a solution (this is just to solve , the problem when the trigger is already overlapping something before the game starts) , this means when the game start , you get all the components that overlaps you triggers , if if their count is greater than 0 , than mean it’s colliding ,if not than mean it’s not colliding with any thing when the game starts.

You are the best! Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

Your reply fixed the problem but your method stops working if i have more than 1 trigger, is there a workaround that you know of ?