Once Mods of mine no longer showing up in-game

I was updatting one of my mods the same as always but it no longer shows up in-game for the testing (content or text on pause menu). It still works fine in the Preview Play.
I’ve checked all the GameMode, GameData and World Settings, but it does not show up. In the GameUserSettings the test mod shows up and is the only one on list.

I have tried a working backup copy, and nothing. All of my mods had the TestGame setting changed somehow but changing that back fixed it for the rest.

But one mod that I just made some small changes since I last tested it fine will not show up in game. I have checked and rechecked the all the settings and everything is correctly set.

I’ve also tried making a quick simple adding 1 simple dino and it won’t show up either. All other mods are fine after I reset the TestGameMode. I am out of ideas, cooked and re-tried many times.

Any help would be appreciated.