On the functional requirements of creating animation in UE4

Suppose I have a human skeleton A, a hair skeleton B, and a clothing skeleton C. They belong to the same Character. But because of the function to change clothes and hair, I couldn’t make a universal skeleton from the beginning. Therefore, there may be such a relationship: skeleton B is attached to the head of skeleton A, skeleton C involve skeleton A, but there are more bones controlling skirt and ribbon.

I noticed that UE4 can edit animation assets, so to make animation for skeleton C, we only need to retarget the animation of skeleton A, and then separately animate the extra bones in the Additive layer, and then merge them into the original assets.

But for skeleton B, it can also involve skeleton A like skeleton C, except that part of skeleton A has no vertex weight. But let’s talk about the case where skeleton A is not involved. In 3dsmax animation, I just need to attach it to the head of skeleton A, and then I can make animation, but in UE4, I can’t do this. Therefore, I hope to have this function:

I can only import skeleton mesh object hair and skeleton B. right click skeleton B to create new animation assets and specify animation duration. I can attach skeleton B to skeleton A in animation asset preview, select skeleton A’s animation, and then refer to skeleton A’s pose to make skeleton B’s animation.

Finally, we need to consider a problem. For skeleton C, if skeleton a carries out physical simulation, if the physical simulation data is transferred to skeleton mesh object clothes, because C has more bones, we don’t know whether it can succeed? If it is successful, there should be no physical simulation for the extra bones. Can we add an interface for receiving the physical simulation of the specified skeleton retarget data in the animation blueprint, and can mix the physical simulation of the redundant bones.

Why don’t I use cloth and hair systems, but use skeleton mesh objects? Because so far, there are always some problems that are difficult to control. However, it is easier to control the animation with skeleton mesh objects.