On Support for Unreal and Third-Party Audio Middleware

May 1, 2021.Knowledge

Multiple brands of third-party audio middleware, such as Wwise and FMod, have created Unreal Engine integrations. If you have decided to use one of these for the audio in your game, its worth noting that some platforms are unable to run third-party audio middleware and native Unreal audio at the same time. In general, if you are experiencing difficulties with your third-party audio middleware, its recommended to disable Unreal Engine’s native audio engine by putting the following in the relevant platform’s .ini file:


Please be aware that systems such as Media Player also use Unreal Engine’s native audio behind the scenes, and so they will also be impacted if you choose to disable Unreal Engine’s native audio.

Please also be aware that because third-parties such as Wwise and FMod create and own their own Unreal Engine plugins, we cannot offer support on UDN for problems specific to their plugins. This includes questions on sounds played through third-party middleware not playing as expected, hangs and crashes within the middleware’s code, and requests on how to utilize functionality introduced by the third-party middleware. For these sorts of questions, it is best to ask the middleware’s company directly.