On See Pawn End Overlap Idea

So, I had an idea for the missing “OnEndPawnSee” event. I’ve attached my simple concept for you guys. I havent tested it yet, so its still really raw, but you can totally tweak it, if you like where this concept is going.
here’s a quick run through of the concept. you should follow along in the attached picture, as well.
1.) “the cant see pawn” float variable is set. (get game time in seconds + the length of time that you want the pawn to be out of the cone of vision to determine the “can see” bool to be false.
2.) set “can see” bool to true
3.) the ol’ sequence, gate, sequence loop is used to refire the cooldown compare float node until the loop stops firing.
-in case youre unaware of how the gate works, the first sequence opens, then enters the gate. the second sequence
fires a line of commands, and then reenters the gate. the retriggerable delay prevents this from being a true loop.
4.) if the cooldown keeps getting set, by the onpawnsee, before the gate, then the compare float will never release the “flow.”
5.)when the “onpawnsee” node stops setting the cooldown, the compare float will be able to complete its “cooldown-function” and
set “can see to false”
6.) when “can see” is set to false, the gate closes.

you could probably get away with using a retriggerable delay, in place of the compare float, or the messy loop. but i dont understand that node well enough to make that recommendation.
this might not work, since i didnt test it yet, but i just thought that id post it here, and get someones gears turning, if theyre really having trouble with controlling the weird “pawn see” node. i just use it to set bools, and i attach my branches for those bools to an event tick.
let me know of you guys have any ideas to fix it, or whatever.