On Event Begin not calling?!

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to set up some things, and it seems my On Event Begin for my third person character isn’t working?!
I have downloaded the Simple Multiplayer Chat blueprint, and was trying to get it set up. For the past hour and a half, I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.

If I replace “On Event Begin” with “Tab” (Key press), everything works perfectly AFTER I press tab?
Is there a different alternative to On Event Begin that happens right as the game starts?

I’ve already checked my Global Settings and everything looks fine.
This doesn’t make ANY sense?!?!?!

It seems if I replace the “Event Begin Play” with “Event On Landed” for my character, everything works greatly (if I start in the air… Then fall to the ground).
I know everything works, but why is Event Begin Play not working (calling) properly??
Any work-arounds?

Are you sure it’s not working or that it may be stopping mid execution perhaps due to an error or unforeseen circumstances?

Maybe there’s an issue with something not being fully set or loaded causing your Event Begin to error out.

I would test this in the simplist way, add a debug immediately after the Event Begin … Print String for example.

Try adding a small delay. I’ve had to do that before.

I added a .5 second delay. Also upped it to 5 seconds. No change

you need to post a screenshot of your BP
if there’s an EventBeginPlay, it will get called it might fail after but I can’t think of any scenario where it wouldn’t get called.

in no circumstances should this normally occur, you probably have a node hooked up wrong or don’t even need the event begin play where you have it, nonetheless, post a ss please. so people can help you :wink:

I agree with ayretek, we need to see a blueprint.

Have you attempted to try the debug steps I suggested?

Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for trying to help me out here.

I decided to try the “Print String” option mentioned above.
It seems if I call Print String after “Event Begin Play” or even after the .5s delay, it does not print anything.
Here’s a screenshot:

If I try to Print String after “Event on Landed,” and my player hits the ground: the string is printed on-screen as should be.

Here is a screenshot of my world settings, which were changed during the process (if this even has any affect on anything?)

As you can see, the correct BluePrint is with the correct Default Pawn Class.
So I don’t see why this isn’t working at all?

What’s supposed to happen is a chat window should appear allowing clients to chat together. In the screenshot below, you can see this is working.
Unfortunately, if the blueprint isn’t working through Event Begin Play, I cannot type any messages and no one can see anything I try to chat (Event On Landed works, but everyone would have to jump before they can talk).

I really wish to get this fixed soon, as I was hoping for a “Simple” setup for my $10 using the Simple Multiplayer Chat blueprint.

Thanks again to everyone trying to help me.:slight_smile:

I guess I should also mention that I’ve added first-person with third-person using the following YouTube tutorial:Unreal Engine 4 C++ Tutorial Version 4.0.2: True FPS with "zoom-able" third person - YouTube
And here’s what I used to learn how to set up the Simple Multiplayer Chat blueprint:Simple Multiplayer Chat Tutorial - YouTube
I wasn’t sure if maybe the 3rd-1st zoomable screen would affect this problem or not? But I highly doubt it.
Thought I’d mention it just in case.

Add an ‘On Destroy’ event to the Character Blueprint and attach a Print String node to it, hit Play and tell me if the string is printing…

hi again, none of these suggestions by others is wrong

I see you did ask the creator of the Marketplace BP that you bought & that is the best thing to do, but several conditions control how well these 2 different projects work together. it will just take time to learn what you can & cannot do and remember fixing these things yourself can be incredibly rewarding.

I would make sure I set the number to 2 like he showed in the tutorial video he has up on Youtube around time 12:10.

the rest of your problems probably comes from dropping this into another C++ tutorial and w/o seeing all of the information would have to say it is out of my scope to help, but hope you figure it out & if I see anything new or think of anything that can help I will post it

Hi Kitatus, glad to see ya doing well with your books, good stuff :wink:

I found “Assign OnDestroyed” in the “Game” category. Applying it to a Print String did nothing.

I’m not for sure I did it right, but as far as I can see, Event Begin Play is not being fired.

Changed the delay to 2. Still no change.

Perhaps if this code is any trigger as-to why this problem is occurring, maybe someone can give me some direction?
This is Graal3DCharacter.cpp and runs without troubles:

Thanks again!!!

Why didn’t you post code before :confused:
I thought it was Blueprint only.
Did you at least try to call Super::BeginPlay() inside your BeginPlay() function?

Or in case that is your base class, on Blueprint right click the BeginPlay node and look for a Call Parent option and an orange node should appear on graph…
But I’m pretty sure if you simply call Super::BeginPlay() it should work just fine.

My bad. I didn’t find it relevant.

But thank you sooo much, that did the trick (Super::BeginPlay()).
Can’t believe I was so blind from that. Didn’t think anything of it.

Thanks again!