On Collision Hit of two Colliding Actors


I have a little Problem with two Actors Colliding. They both have a “On Collision Hit” -> “Destroy Actor” Logic inside but randomly either the first or the seond one gets destroyed. The other one gets the physic impuls from the collision but survives. I added a print screen and can see that only one “On Collision Hit” is triggered. Is this a timing problem? Because the Actor is destroyed the second actor Hit is ignored? Or should it work and I am just doing something wrong?

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I solved it. If two BP Actors collide and you have something like kill on colide only one BP will get the event. The other not and it seems to be random.

I solved it by only doing it in one BP and check if the collision object is of the correct class and if so kill both BPrint Instances (first the collision object and then self).

This is expected- we can’t execute events on an actor once it has been destroyed, and the order that events get dispatched is pretty much random.