On button pressed play skeletal animation

I am creating a menu system from a book that when you click the widget buttons a page will turn to display the new menu (think hearthstone). As an example when I click controls I want a page turning animation to play, which after a delay the widget spawns the text for that page.

The issue I am having is referencing the skeletal mesh and animation to a widget. How do I get them both to talk to each other? I have tried a couple methods, but I just don’t know what to do with them.

How do I reference the widget so that :-
‘On controls button pressed > Play BookControlsOpen animation’

Couple examples of failed attempts below

I am trying event dispatchers, with little success. They just do not seem to be calling. I feel like this should work but no strings are printed.

The first screenshot shows my Widget blueprint calling the events of the blueprint

This is the screenshot of my book blueprint that I am trying to call the animation from when the call event is triggered