On a character movement controller that's mouse-based

To go into further detail, I’m trying to find a way on how to make a character controller that gets the mouse cursor information on whether its negative or positive of the character’s X axis and start walking/running based on the distance of the cursor from MC (Main Character). I’m also going to include that the MC can shoot where the mouse is at when the mouse is clicked or pressing the 1 key.
This has being a development issue that’s been bugging me for some days and I been looking up tutorials and checking out the forums if anyone has made this yet or has had an idea of it.
Please help me, I know the design is not meta, but it will work really well in the design that I’m making my game take.

Do you mean like the Unreal Top-down template?

If not, sorry. I can’t tell what you want from your explanation.

In a 2D side-scroller, like Metroid.
If my mouse moves to the right of the character they’ll start to walk/run in the direction.