Old project and importing assets necessary for playback on Oculus Quest

I have an old UE4 project that I created a couple of years back for use on the Vive (or possibly the Rift - can’t recall!). It’s a simple project - just an architectural space. Back then, we used the Vive and it’s controllers to wander around using teleport.

Rather than starting again, I would like to take this project and make it work on the Oculus Quest.

Can anyone offer a good starting point on what I should be doing - ie which blueprints I need and where I import them from/to. Are there any good video tutorials out there that you could point me to?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Well, I tried one or two things and imported the VR blueprint. It works to a point, but as soon as I try and teleport, the app crashes on the Quest. Weird.