Ok to develop a UE4 PC game using an AMD workstation?

I plan to go full AMD this year building a new gaming workstation with the latest Ryzen/Vega hardware.

I am a one man studio so can’t afford multiple testbeds.

I’m just wondering if this will be a problem for developing games since Intel/Nvidia currently has the marketshare majority amongst PC gamers?

For UE4 it shouldn’t make any difference but games run better on Nvidia hardware more often than they run better on AMD hardware. Make sure to wait until after the new hardware releases and read reviews to see if they benchmark well.

That’s only because for a lot of developers AMD optimisation is an afterthought. :rolleyes:

Nvidia has Gameworks which a lot of developers like to use, but AMD also doesn’t do well with their drivers

So if I buy a AMD GPU I won’t be able to implement Gameworks for my game right?

Some Gameworks modules (like VXGI) work on AMD hardware, but there’s stuff like Flex which only work on Nvidia.