Oh Yeah! A late Flappy Jam entry in UE4

I had started working on this concept in Unity for Flappy Jam, but ran into issues. Namely that I can’t stand Unity. So I started working on it in UDK, then slacked off and never finished it. So it seemed like a good project to get my feet wet with UE4.

It’s entirely Blueprint, and the gameplay is pretty simple. Click to punch, if you run into a wall without punching you die horribly. The level generates itself as the Koolaid Man progresses, each block of road has a trigger volume to spawn in the next block. The building backdrop and wall placement randomize as the road segment loads. It’s neat the kind of recursive stuff you can get up to in Blueprint.

I don’t think there’s much sophisticated with it, but if anyone else is stuck somewhere with something I’m doing I’d be glad to help.

The UI needs loads of work obviously. The gameplay will be tightened up a bit, with a cooldown for punching so you have to have the timing down to get far. It will be easy as well to ramp up the difficulty over time by speeding up the player pawn or decreasing the wall seperation.

Silly, but it makes me laugh. And that’s good enough.

If you’re really hot to play, I ran a build just to see how UE4 handles packaging. You can snag it here, around 99mb:

Looks great! Keep up the good work

Lol enjoyed this!


Haha this is awesome! :slight_smile:

That was awesome…How did you get Kool-Aid man animated?

OH YEAH indeed!

That was good stuff; thank you for the chuckle this Monday morning. =)

An updated video showing the new bits in action. As long as I can make something silly I’m happy.

Edited with much better video.