Offsetting rotation parameter for all keyframes in matinee sequence

I have a rather complex matinee sequence and I need to offset the rotation of the mesh relative to it’s keyframes. I tried selecting all the keyframes and rotating the actor but it only seems to update one keyframe. It then snaps back to its original value once the playhead moves off the keyfame. There has to be a way to do this without starting from scratch :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated…thanks in advance

Ok, so I’ve split my movement track into translation and rotation, so I can now access the parameters individually. Once I’ve checked the box to display the appropriate rotation property in the curve editor, I box select all the keyframes…so far so good…now how do I move ALL the keyframes simultaneously? In order to move them, I have to CTRL click on one of the keyframes, and it moves them all EXCEPT the one I’ve CTRL clicked on…

Ok then…I guess it can’t be done. Thanks support. Now I’m getting a worldinfo_0 error every time I try to build my lighting. Came out of nowhere. Good Times. Unity 5 is looking better all the time

Hi melat3mg !
Ctrl + Alt + mouse drag marquee selects the keys on a keyframe.