Offline Download

I am not interested in downloading/compiling the source, and even if I was it wouldn’t solve my issue as after compilation it still downloads resources.

There are older topics for this already, but I am going to bring it up again. We need an offline download for Unreal. I am living in the country - unavoidable - and on a HEAVILY metered connection. It would cost me $40-$80 to download on Unreal on my 60lb computer. I can’t just haul it to a local internet source to get Unreal. I need an offline download option.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

I think you mean an offline install option

I guess it depends on how important it is to make sure that people agree to the EULA, because an offline install option would mean that people could distribute the engine to people who haven’t agreed to the license terms.

Just download the engine from your friend or from whereever, start it to check if everything works, copy it to an external HDD or USB drive and copy it back to your local PC, job done.
If you wanna compile from source, follow all steps. You only have to download the dependencies once. Of course if you want to update your engine version, you have to update dependencies.

If what TriNityGER is saying works, what would be the point of using this as DRM anyhow? It is a limiting factor. Why couldn’t it just check for first run on a new machine based on hardware ID and make you agree then? We (I) need an offline install option. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, Unreal is awesome, but only awesome if you have the ability to use it.

I think it is a case of the account creation. I’m fairly certain that the launcher doesn’t have the ability to integrate files into an installation that it hasn’t downloaded, like how many MMO’s are able to check an installation for files and download missing ones.

Yeah what I said works in theory, I haven’t tested it myself. Well in case it doesn’t work, you could try to remove your HDD, go to a friend, install the HDD, boot from it, download and install launcher and engine, verify everything, remove & reinstall it to your PC again.

In the documentation Epic tell that for port from one PC to another computer in a class you need to make disk image, as I remember.
I agree that portable version of Unreal Engine would be a great option to not download every time.