Official UE4 Latest Release version check

Is there a faster way to determine the last official version release of the UE4 engine on the website?

I can go here but I have to read/scroll through the blog looking for the correct version information.

The Launcher feed shows notifications of release info, but it can be missed if pushed down by other feeds. Again, I have search the list to be sure I haven’t missed a notification.

Sometimes a version checker pops up when I launch the engine but it tends to crash so I do not rely on it for up-to-date info.

If I click download in my account I get UnrealEngineInstaller-1.5.1-2214492.msi which doesn’t indicate the latest version.

I am seeking a page or link I can visit to instantly see

e.g. “Current version = 4.3” without having to hunt for it.

Hi ,

We always have the latest version of the engine posted on the announcements section of the forums listed here: . It will be listed as “Unreal Engine 4.3 Released!” (the number will change according to which version is most current). The most recent version will always be stickied within the top of the threads.


Thanks !


My 4.3 launcher is now showing an option to install 4.4.0.

Perhaps the update needed time to propagate.

It does sometime take a few minutes to update appropriately, at times you may have to close the launcher and re-open it for it to update as well.