Office Freakout, Physics Destruction

I have been working with a great team lately, Hollow Robot, and we are close to finishing our first game, Office Freakout. This is a physics based destruction game, where you are a veteran office worker who has just been fired and it is your chance to make your great exit through office destruction.

Our team could use your help tomorrow as we are launching a green-light campaign. So if you could take a second to take a look and cast your vote, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
(Steam Greenlight Link)

Latest Video:

That was amazing. Got my eye on it now.

Hey guys!

The steam greenlight page has been activated!

Please cast a vote, I promise its an easier process than choosing america’s next president! :wink:

We are getting a lot of great feedback on the Greenlight, and would love for more! we take all feedback seriously and consider every possible idea.

Thank you everyone for up voting so far

Lookin awesome! Can’t wait. I specifically like the smooth art style, reminds me of Firewatch. :slight_smile:

Looks great guys! I definitely voted yes and can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Looks great guys looking forward to it.

Latest Video:

September 27th is getting close and its been a lot of work to get this far! Many new features developed and a couple more to come.

I should note that this is a BP only game developed in 3.5 months with myself being the programmer. The levels are populated with 2,000-5,000+ interactable physics objects. The premise is physics based destruction but we have also added in some AI and various other mechanics/objectives to the game, to help round it out. There is also a fancy object viewer which you can use to customize all the objects in the level, many different and unique weapon mechanics, and as well a few unqiue perks. The game also has many steam achievements wired in which you’ll unlock throughout playing.

Thanks for looking!


Latest Video: