Odd shadows around seams of Modular Meshes.


So I built these Modular Walls, Windows, Doors etc in my modeling software 3DS Max. But for some reason when I build the lighting it keeps adding these odd shadows around the modular parts.

Could it be doing that due to the geometry I have between the seams? Shown in image ‘‘2’’. Or could there be something wrong with my UV’s?

Any help is much appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, is it practical to use a BSP block to create the roof of the building or do I need to make modular roof segments too? The only thing with modular roof segments is that the roof can be a different shape for every building built. But yet you cant really create fancy Skylights “Windows in the roof” with BSP Blocks.

Edit: Interesting idea I have. What if I cut out of the BSP block where I want the Skylights to be then I model the Skylight windows in my 3D Modeling software and place them into the cutouts that were put into the BSP block?

What are your thoughts?
Sorry I’m kinda asking two questions in one post.

So like this game for instance Call of Duty Modern Warfare. These buildings in this photo, are they all one mesh together or are they broken up in meshes by building or are they all just a bunch of modular windows doors walls roofs etc? And are these buildings built in the 3D software then they break up the building in segments when they import it into their engine?