Odd happening: Editor vs Simulated play disparity

I have an unusual things happening and could really use some insight. While in the level editor I can see the walls, floor, and other things I’m working on without any issue. When I simulate play, walls I previously deleted appear and segments of the floor covering flicker as if they are layered over another floor segment. If I delete the flickering floor segments and save hitting play still shows those floor panels and the walls. I’ve verified my 4.10.4 installation but have yet to restore a backup copy.

Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening and how to correct it?

thanks in advance

If you’re using BSP to make the geometry then that might be why, BSP isn’t great.

Okay, is there a way to remedy this or do I have to delete remove everything I make and start from scratch? I can’t select the phantom walls and flooring in simulated play mode and I can identify those objects in the editor.

If what you’re making is kind of complex then it would be better to make your mesh in something like Blender, BSP only really works for blocking things out.

Thus far its a mixture of marketplace assets and some blender assets/walls/piping acting as accessories. Would that explain why there are ghost objects that are only seen when in simulated play mode?

If you’re only using static meshes, then that issue shouldn’t come up. I’ve had some stuff like that happen in 3ds Max, but not in UE4.

Thanks for the info. I managed to resolve the matter by restructuring the Perforce depot to reduce the directory structure and removing much of what I added recently (no biggie). The ghost assets are gone, some duplicate assets were identified and deleted, and my Source control settings work properly again. Apparently I made my own mess.

Thank you for your assistance.