Odd bug with render resolution

For some reason my 4k screen is rendering everything including text at proper 4k… Except the display port is locked 1080P for some unholy reason. Is there any fix to this? The images shown are NOT upscaled/downscaled. The red/blue dots are to make it easier to see individual pixels. I have a 4k system for a reason, one of those reasons do not include having it put down to 1080P again for no reason.

@Bits360 It looks like you don’t have anti-aliasing turned on ( project settings ).

For demonstration purposes it is off. 8 sample TAA is usualy on, and this does not fix anything related to this.

Is this editor side or final play in new window result?

If editor side:
Does it happen in a new sample project as well?
If yes verify engine files. Something is amiss.

If not, then delete all the project settings and start resetting them from scratch?
At an extreme you can even remove the /saved, and the other 2 directories to force a clean slate of sorts.

If that doesn’t work either, the next step is to create a new project, and patiently move all parts/assets to it.
When I get to this (second time I have to, last time light building would crash the editor after 33% export). I Usually do it manually.
Copy folders/files one by one and manually adjust references within the project.
It takes the better part of the day to be fair, but at least I know what’s going on and by doing it I some times end up fixing Bugs that were built in into the older version (like a main actor that draws parts of a landscape had a rotation of 180 instead of 0 and therefore all textures on it were flipped but I had never noticed sort of thing).
TBH I would totally love it if I never had to go through this process ever again, but I suppose it’s a bit unrealistic when you try new things and settings, forget what they were next week, and have no way to revert…

Happens on fresh installs of ue4 even. Even in standalone it happens.

That’s very odd.
GFX in use?
Any special settings you may be on? Like NVIDIA non-studio drivers?