Ocupated terture sample scaling

Hello there, I am quite new to UE4 but especially to material making.
So my question is, how to scale up “Texture Sample” node that has already linked a “Texture Coordinate” node to it.

I have this komplex grass material that i do not understand at all. I want to use that material in my Landscape material, so i just copy pasted the nodes from that material to my landscape material and it works fime besides one thing. I dont know how to scale up (“zoom” it, cuz its too small in game) the texture sample because only whay i know is using “Landscape Coords” node but i can not do that with this material because ther eis already linked “Texture Coordinate” node that i have no idea what it does but if I un-link it, material looks like ****.

I know that this is probably a stupid question but i can not figure it out. Thank you for the help.