Oculus Rift takes control of network clients

For a person using the Oculus Rift HMD it seems like all characters in a network environment are faced in the same direction as the player view so you end up always watching their back. The other client players don’t experience anything abnormal on their end. This is not recreated in normal view (stereo off) using gamepad, mouse & keyboard etc for turning.

My project is based on the C++ FPS template and I have included the Hero_TPP from the Blueprint Third Person template (used to display the player to non-owners, this is attached to the Mesh attribute of Hero_FPP).

Just wondering if anyone experienced the same or have some quick pointers for where to start looking.

Edit: Looked quickly at APlayerController::UpdateRotation() and APlayerCameraManager::UpdateViewTarget() but doubtful the reason is that low. I guess I chould check the Hero_TPP blueprint scripting for handling input or something.

Sorry, my reply got lost in the forum downtime that happened yesterday.

If you change the portion of APlayerController::UpdateRotation() that deals with applying the HMD rotation to:

if (IsLocalPlayerController() && GEngine->HMDDevice.IsValid() && GEngine->HMDDevice->IsHeadTrackingAllowed())
GEngine->HMDDevice->ApplyHmdRotation(this, ViewRotation);

Does it fix the issue?

I can confirm that this does indeed fix the issue. I’m now able to face my other network participants… face to face. No longer does the HMD control the direction of other player characters. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll make the fix in main. Thanks!