Oculus Rift InputAxis MotionControllerThumbRight_Y value is always zero


For some reason I only get ‘0.0’ as the output value for the InputAxis MotionControllerThumbRight_Y.
Playing another game the joystick goes just fine.
The InputAxisControllerThumbRight has no problems.

(I’m using the motioncontrollers of the oculus rift)

Anyone knows what the problem could be?

Are you sure there are no conflicts with other actions/events referencing the exact same thumbstick axis?

Not 100% sure, I think i removed all input events that might have been referencing. When right clicking it, I get no references.

Changing the ‘consume input’ checkbutton doesn’t change anything either

ON/OFF makes no difference for my Y-value

What if instead of mapping the Motion Controller event through the Inputs in Project Settings you place the same event directly in the Blueprint? Maybe it is a Input mapping issue. At least we eliminate one step in the chain.

Ok, I got it fixed → I deleted the input mapping and added it again a few times. I now removed the underscore in the name. It seems to work xD !


And another thing to try: can you shorten the event names in your input mapping? There might be an unspecified length limit which results in your MotionControllerThumbRight_Y event’s name being truncated and becoming equivalent to your MotionControllerThumbRight_X event. One letter is enough for them to become the same and since the Y is before the X, it will rule the X out.
Shorten them to MC_ThumbR_Y and MC_ThumbR_X and see if that works.

That seems to fix the problem too!