Oculus Quest Scene Capture Component error

I am making an app in which you can select some floor samples. I made the photos of the floor, and I can set it as floor material correctly. I have a menu panel, and i have to put small samples of the floor which are “clickable” and you can see the picked sample on the floor. The problem is, that the sample on the menu has not got the same look, as the floor with all the lighting and everything. So I thought i put a scene capture component somwhere else, and duplicate the room, and the render target will be the menu sample. But the rendered image is way too bad to use. It’s whiteish and so obscure, and unclear. What can I do with the camera settings, to be clear and sharp, or what other solution can i build to mek the same sample as the floor.
(Unfortunatelly I do not know how to make a screenshot on the quest)

For screenshot: Run your app on the quest. Back out to the main menu of the quest and choose Sharing, then Screenshot (might be called a bit different). It should automatically send you back to your app now, a red dot blinks a couple times in the top right of your view and a screenshot will be taken. Then you can find the screenshot in the gallery and also transfer the image to your PC.

In regards to your problem it could be that you need to set your material that uses the render target to full precision in the material details panel. This is specifically for mobile devices (like the Quest) and should display the texture at least not blurry / distorted etc. Search for “Use Full Precision” here:

Thank you for your help. My problem was solved this way, and also thank you for your screenshot tip.