Oculus Quest - Heavy Aliasing in UI

So ive been trying to get crisp and sharp UIs on Oculus Quest but i have failed to do so. I am trying to create UMG visuals like in Robo Recall on Quest, they seemed to have come out pretty sharp. Not able to reproduce the same on my setup. Using UE4 4.23

So far ive found the following wrt default engine

  1. Any Text in UI without a background will ALWAYS alias
  2. Down-sampling a font will reduce the aliasing a bit, but not till a satisfactory point.
  3. Using a mesh instead of a UMG element to render images has better results.
  4. All UMG alias heavily when on the edge of the screen ( maybe due to FFR )

Are there any other tips and tricks or guide, that will help my UI become sharper >?