Oculus just announced release in Q1 / 2016

Wow, that was slow. Especially considering the Vive will probably arrive earlier.

Feels like the Hololens will arrive sooner!!

Anyway, looking forward to the consumer edition of the Rift. I wonder what the consumer price will be, they always said they want to sell it for a few hunderd bucks or so. If they can do that they make a reall chance to conquer the market!

Any info with specs of consumer product?
DEvkit 1 was way to low res for my taste.

Also uh cables around my neck, this will not be popular.

Talk about a random product announcement… I would have announced it on the first day of E3, with the 2nd day through the end of it have software announcements and what not.

This does give us a time frame on release, which is what we desperately needed for our own software development though.

This is the most important thing about this announcement (for me). Now you just need to get your hands on a Vive or (post-DK2) Rift sigh

Oculus would of had something in a contract with the people at steam. When steam was helping with development. It would of been, you can’t have a release date until we release our date for the vive. And secondly your release can’t be within 3 month of ours. Considering the loss of revenue steam would of made of their hmd was way above the rift. But they want GR to succeed