Oculus GO Deployment Latency

Hello, first post here.

My goal is to develop arch viz interactive walk-thrus on the GO.

I have deployed some initial test apps, but there is flickering while rotating my headset (latency, tiling?) when I view the app in the GO. Curiously, these apps have basically nothing in them. (Skydome, Floor, and a cube). I know the GO can operate at 60 and 75 fps, but I feel like this should not matter with such a simple deployment.

Is it plausible to attempt arch viz where the user can walk through the scene, possibly enter a new level with a trigger, open doors, and have some convincing materiality in the GO? Or is this standalone VR headset not powerful enough.

Either way, there should not be any problems with such a rudimentary deployment as I mentioned above. P.S. - I have followed all of the Gear VR tutorials specified on the Unreal website.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Turn on a FPS counter using console command: “stat fps” so you can see your FPS.

The Go is not so powerful - you’re going to need to do mobile development tricks to get it looking good. For example default skybox is very taxing as is dynamic lighting.

Basically it’s just an Android device rendering everything twice for VR! Check out the performance guidelines here: