Ocean scenery - can't make it realistic :/

Hi guys! I am trying to make this scene for some time now and the result is still pretty flat. What am I doing wrong?


It pays to take a look at a lot of stuff on google. I suspect this is the base of a wind farm unit? ( not sure ).

Off the top of my head, I’d say much more foam around the base, even if you have to fake it. And plenty of strategically placed rust on the mill.

Also, you’ve got the sun blasting away, but it’s not adding to the closeup, So get a good shadow in there somewhere.

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What he said^

And, what you have looks pretty cool actually. I highly recommend these products off of the marketplace: Oceanology and Ultra Dynamic Sky. UDS has some pretty legit volumetric clouds I’mma say. And, Oceanology has the best ocean shader on the market.

Good luck!