Ocean plugin - how?

How does the plugin VaOcean works?
I mean how do I install it… I just followed:

1. Download the plugin binaries for the latest release
2. Make a "Plugins" folder under your game project directory, then copy plugin binaries to any subdirectory under "Plugins".
3. Copy global shaders from Shaders/ plugin directory to your engine installation shaders directory (f.e. ./Unreal Engine/4.4/Engine/Shaders).
4. Compile your game project normally. Unreal Build Tool will detect the plugins and compile them as dependencies to your game.
5. Launch the editor (or the game). Plugin will be initially disabled, but you can turn it on in the editor UI.
6. Open the Plugins Editor (Window -> Plugins), search for VaOcean plugin (you can find it in the Environment section) and enable it by clicking the check box.
7. Restart the Editor. The plugin will be automatically loaded at startup.

But for some reason it doesn’t work me.
If someone knows how to install the plugin, would be great if that guy can helps me to do it (example doing a video <3).

Another question … Does that plugin still works with 4.4+ or not?


Yeah I don’t know that works either…

It’s OK on 4.8 !
I just did it.
As you’ve done, copy the folders downloaded from the links in a “plugins” folder in my project, when this one is closed.
Open the project, and the ocean content is here in “plugins”. There are Blueprints Materials MatInsts Meshes and textures.
For example, in blank level, you just have to drag and drop the mesh you want (OceanSurface_Full_32k, the bigger more realistic).
You drag and drop the material you want (M_OceanCS or M_OceanSimple) but an issue occured. The mesh still stay grey…
Then you have to “remake” the materials because there are some compiling errors with TextureSampleParameter2D …
If you take a look by double-clicking on the material you choose, you can see some texture samples “error” mentionned.
Replace them by the same in the Texture folder. (For example, in Perlin, you have to replace three textures PerlinTex by T_Noise_Perline.
Once you replaced all the “errored” texture, save and you will find your waved ocean in your scene.