Occlusion culling for instanced meshes (foliage tool)

Hi Epic,

First of all… Thank you guys for such a powerful engine. Also thanks for the regular updates and picking up feature requests. :smiley:

I really would like to have the ability to cull out all the meshes that are not rendered. This works fine for all static meshes. But not those which are placed with foliage tool. This really leads to a performance issue.

A forest scene where I have about 2-3K foliage, not each one is always shown on screen. Let’s think I have a house inside a jungle. When I enter the house, all those trees should be culled out. Distance culling is not helpful here. If I look through the window, then some trees should visible. But in the current engine, everything is calculated behind the walls and that slowing down performance.

We hope to see this feature in the next few updates if possible :cool:


I think they have a ticket for this (UE-13425) but it’s probably still on their back log.